Monday, February 20th, 2012

#Xgames skateboarder Danny Mayer @mayerinated chilin in #thailand

One of the cool things about living in Phuket…is its one of those places kinda like ‘Las Vegas’—-meaning anytime one of your friends have someone traveling in the area…they give them your info and tell em’ to look you up.

Last year Vert Skate legend PLG a friend of UFC fighter Brodie Farber stopped by the gym (hoping he’s back out here after the Xgames Asia)—->this week his buddy professional skateboarder Danny Mayer celebrated his 10 year wedding anniversary with his wife.

Friday we met up in Kata for dinner and a bit of hanging out.Β  Early Saturday Danny got up and headed to Phi Phi island with his misses—before getting sunburnt and returning back to Phuket for a night of debauchery on the always surprising Bangla road.

Danny is a vert skateboarder as well—and has been professional since 1991…having won a TON OF AWARDS including Bronze medal in the 2004 X Games Best Trick landing the first Kickflip Varial McTwist….He’s had an opportunity to skate all over the world including Brazil, Canada, China, Holland, Dubai…and of course good ol’ Amurika.

I’m hoping to get Danny and his lady to swing by the gym Tuesday or Wednesday for a bit of Muay Thai training…they are back to San Diego on Thrusday…which is too bad…because the BBQ Beatdown is back in full effect at Tiger Muay Thai Saturday night…lol—and I couldn’t think of a better party on the island to be missing :P