Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

We’re not in Kansas anymore…

Friday night here in Kuwait…which is like Saturday night in America because of the difference in the work week (Kuwaitis work Sun-Thur).

While living in Malaysia (another Muslim country)…I certainly started consuming less recreational use of alcohol due to the ridiculous tax and added expenses (a 12oz can of Budweiser was almost 3$)—however the weekend never really feels like the weekend without what my grandparents use to refer to as an “attitude adjustment”

Now that I’m in Kuwait, alcohol isn’t just expensive…it’s illegal.

A dry country has its benefits though…I won’t fall victim to all those empty calories (diet loves that)…and you would be surprised how nice it is to walk around without any drunk Ozzies stumbling off Bangla road.

All that said–I still occasionally have the craving for a “cold brusky”…and to my delight…I’ve found these NON alcoholic beers at the local shop. Not quite a Red Horse…but I’ll enjoy these just the same :)

…now to devour my Subway and enjoy some TV in style :)