Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

stranded on the front line…I shine to the dumb and blind…*Anyone know the song?!*

It’s tha Ghostface Killah!!!…Assassination Day

…..I love this album, rocking the old school tonight as I’m finishing up the last of my work. Tony Eduardo got in to Tiger Muay Thai today. Last week he was training the police force of China during a seminar clinic. He’s going to be going to the morning class—secretly I’m hoping he’ll show a few moves…lol.

Went for dinner with Tony and Blaine Farber—UFC vet Brodie’s brother. Oishi…all you can eat sushi. *BOOM*–no big deal.

Good training today. Morning class reviewed Darce defense. Afternoon MMA mixed in some good sparring with some technical striking, ending the class with some additional nogi submission grappling.

JJ Ambrose had an intense wrestling class. 20+ students all #winning.

And Wiktor conducted the evening Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class.