Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Sick new facility @glory_mma in Dubai


Okay…I know most of you are wanting pics of the gym…but honestly that isn’t going to do this facility justice.

I arranged with head man @ Tam Khan to take a quick video tour of the facility tomorrow…


Those of you who are in Dubai have to check this place out!!! Sauna, ice bath, jacuzzi, rooftop swimming pool, juice bar, crossfit/functional strength area, cage, weights, bags, Bjj….man…this place is next level.

Those of you following the blog…check back tomorrow and I should have a quick video tour of this sick-as facility up!!!

Tons of media and celebrities in attendance for the grand opening…reunited with Old friends Ari and Royce, and met a few new contacts.

Overall the new Glory MMA and Fitness gym was impressive, and with DFC 4 right around the corner everyone is excited for the growth of the sport in the Middle East!