Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

seriously….people work out at 6:30am @spartamuaythai ?!

I guess so!!!

Stopped in to take the 6:30 AM ”Combat Cardio” class taught by Coach Trevor at the Sparta Muay Thai gym in Malaysia.

Located inside the Oasis Corporate Park at Ara Damansara, Sparta Muay Thai is on the 10th floor—>and was the perfect spot to watch the morning sunrise.

The combat cardio class consisted of a warmup–stretching–shadow boxing, and then 4 round of 4 minutes worth of circuit training.

Today’s workout was

Round 1.

Jumping Jacks


Ab crunches

Running Man

Round 2.

Explosive jump knees to chest

Side Planks


Standing Back Fall–Stand and base

Round 3.

Alternating planks (up down)

leg lifts

one-two punch combination, sprawl

sitting squats


Round 4

Alternating Planks

Full Situps with two deep breathes

Hindu pushups

Quick Feet stampede

For less than an hour—I got a great total body workout, improving my explosiveness, flexibility, stamina…and working myself closer to that ”Fight Shape”.

Great class Coach Trevor!—already looking forward to the next soon!