Sunday, February 10th, 2013

MMA rising star TOMMY YANG stays *Undefeated* @combatasianews @fightsportsasia @bloodyelbow

Tommy Yang is listed as 6-0 on Sherdog, however with many of his professional bouts from Korea still not listed on his ”official record”, the exact record of wins is undocumented.

Already a Pancrase tournament winner, Tommy captured the Martial Combat Superfight belt by defeating DREAM FC veteran fighter David Gardner of Team Quest.

Taking the past two years of from MMA, to win his professional debut in full rules Muay Thai (international fight in Thailand), and to win the Abu Dhabi PRO Trials in the Gi, Tommy has finally returned to ”The Cage”

Fighting last night for one of the Gladitor Fighting Championships superfight belts in Kuwait, Tommy faced a tough veteran in Walid Trabelsi.Β  Showing improved wrestling from working with Bellator fighters like Andrew and Anthony Leone, as well as JJ Ambrose while at Phuket Top Team, Tommy Yang dominated his fight, and showcased why I promoted him to BJJ Purple Belt following his Bronze Medal in the Gi last year in Abu Dhabi, by securing the RNC halfway through the first round.

With UFC ref Blake Grice raising Tommy’s hand in for yet another Championship belt, on National Television, one has to wonder how long it will be until one of the Major MMA promotions signs this young Korean talent!

Tommy Yang GFC2 Champion