Sunday, April 14th, 2013

Meet the newest member of the family!!!

Ladies and Gentleman…Lemme introduce you to Nog’

Nog is a 1 year old Persian Cat who recently joined the Elbe Jiu Jitsu Team…LOL.

Living abroad, having an animal is always a difficult decision, because of the problems of traveling internationally with a pet…However, I couldn’t pass up on this cute little guy.

Starting over in Kuwait, has been an experience…After so many years in Thailand, and with the relative short moves to Malaysia, and the Philippines…I have always had a good set of ”friends”—>however now that I am in an entirely new region of the world, I’ve really felt the desire to have a pet when I come home, as the house has had that ”empty” feeling since relocating.

While my travel schedule is still a bit busy, I figured a cat would fit into my time as they don’t require the daily walking, or nearly as much exercising. That said, this Persian Kitty will require daily brushing…once his hair grows back…lol!!

Taking him to the vet today for a checkup after purchase, I was told it would be a good idea to groom his coat down and let him ”start fresh” for summer. My lil’ Lion Cub didn’t seem to like the ”FADE” the barber gave him…however after spending the afternoon licking his bald spots…I think he’s enjoying the high and tight hookup…lol.

With my contract at Kuwait Combat Athletics signed, and me in my new house for a year contract, I have a lil’ time to figure out how to get my Kitty Passport sorted out :)