Sunday, March 20th, 2011

Males shouldn’t be jealous that’s a female trait…

A couple of days ago BJJ Black Belt and Martial Arts Industry legend Lloyd Irvine posted this on his facebook.

I clicked ‘like’ at the time…but the thought of the quote stayed with me all weekend.

With the expansion Tiger Muay Thai has seen, and the publicity the gym has received–it’s inevitable that there are going to be people who ‘hate’ on the brand.  As the ol’ saying goes…’you go ahead and do you…I’m gonna do me.’  I don’t worry about what the competition is doing, working as a team we just keep looking for ways to improve TMT for our guests…(couple of big announcements coming soon)

figured I’d post the song that I recognized the quote from.  Jay-z is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of my generation.