Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Justice Served, Kuwaiti style

Big new yesterday in Kuwait, as they had the first executions in the country in almost 6 years.

3 men, all convicted murders had their final moments captured by almost every social media site, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, etc as they were executed in front of members of the media.

According to the article on DailyMail

“Kuwait, which has a population of around three and a half million people, operates a judicial system which is a mixture of Islamic Sharia law, English common law, and the Ottoman civil code.

The state carried out 72 executions (69 men and three women) between April 1964 and May 2007.

Crimes that carry the death sentence include drug trafficking, murder and treason. Sentences are not carried out publically however members of the media act as witnesses and pictures are published in the hope it will act as a deterrent

KUNA said 48 people remain on death row in Kuwait.

I’ll save everyone the graphic video which is up on Youtube and instead post a pic from Getty Images on the blog.

What is your thoughts on capitol punishment for people convicted of murder?  I remember when America executed TOOKIE WILLIAMS everyone rallying to try and get him a pardon.