Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Japan MMA legend @BobSappMMA going to be in Pattaya this weekend with me!!

While most of you are partying it up at the BBQ Beatdown…a few of us are going to be heading to Pattaya to support Matt Merria and Justin Governale as they fight in one of the very first ever Mixed Martial Arts events held in Thailand.

Justin Governale will be fighting for an Amateur belt while Matt Merria will be competing modified MMA in a DRAKA bout that only allows 30 seconds of ground fighting before a standup.

K1 and Japanese Superstar Bob Sapp is going to be attending the event, and I’m looking forward to grabbing a few beers with the legend after the fights :) Ole Laursen, Adam Kayoom, Bobby Gerrits, Niti, Luke, Yohann, and a few of the other fighters from the region will be making the road trip as well!!!

**THIS SATURDAY…if your in Bangkok or Pattaya…you need to be at the Pattaya Centre Hotel…tixs are only 500-1000thb**…check out the TMT logo on the poster :)