Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

High Tea and an Interview with @kazira24 before heading to @onefcmma

*BOOM*…Mak Mak :)

Just finished doing an interview with Kazira Hans while we enjoyed ‘High Tea’…Left the phone at the hotel—so I had to steal a pic of the snacks from Kazira…lol.

Not gonna lie—it felt Anti Amurikan having ‘Tea’ at 3 in the afternoon…guess people can stop calling me ‘uncultured’

Back at the hotel now–gonna grab dinner and a few drinks before heading out to the Singapore Indoor Sports Arena to watch Phil Baroni and the rest of the guys competing on the One FC fight card.

**Afterparty at The Butter factory**–if your Lame and miss the fights…at least make it to the afterparty.

If your attending the event…make sure you say hi and introduce yourself…I appreciate all the support the fans have been showing Tiger Muay Thai on this trip to Singapore…makes me wish I was fighting.