Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Here is a difference between GI and NOGI on the Armbar technique

Got in some training today in Kuwait, and decided to show a strategy that I like to utilize during NOGI rolling situations.  Often BJJ players who only wear the Gi when they roll, get use to being able to grip the sleeve, which makes it virtually impossible for the opponent to get his arm back…

…however when that player tries to use the same strategy NOGI and he is having to deal with a strong, athletic opponent, they often complain that the guy keeps ”Slipping” out of the armbar attempt.  A little secret I use is to grab the back of the elbow instead of the wrist.  When fighting MMA I also like to use this technique because it lowers the probability of being elbowed in the eye (watch Brandon Vera Vs. Jon Jones)

Anyways, thanx Adel and Saleh for letting me demonstrate on ya!

Next training session is Thursday guys!!