Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Ever wonder who the fattest country was!?

Okay…Okay…you can make statistics look almost anyway you want…

Coming from America…I’m use to seeing all the ”Out of Shape”—Former ”Wrestlers” watching the latest UFC in front of a bucket of fried chicken wings, while washing it down with a good ol’ fashion ”Brusky”.

…Here in Kuwait, the population doesn’t seem nearly as ”LARGE”…however..I must admit, Kuwait has ALL THE GOOD restaurants from back home.  I’m not just talking about PF Chang’s, Applebees, and Mcdonald’s.  I’m talking about straight up fat kid places like Churches Chicken, Cali Burger, and Planet Holloywood…lol.

Saw the guys over at 2:48 AM link up this article from a friend named “Khalid”—and found it interesting.

Getting set to open the Kuwait Combat Athletics, I obviously hope to see Kuwait start exercising more in the upcoming year, while maintaining healthy diets.  Inshallah, when this list comes out next year, Kuwait will no longer be Numero Uno.