Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Embrace the ”I don’t mind waiting attitude” by yo’ boy @ericthomasbtc

…Patience. Man…today’s video by the Hip hop preacher hit a spot.

Just because you can’t see something…doesn’t mean that it isn’t occurring—>your vision is still in the works!!!

Pushing myself to the limits…I get frustrated when I feel like I’m not seeing the results as quickly as I would like—

This has held true in my personal–business–and even professional careers.

I have to have patience to take myself to the next level…Site Vs. Vision—you can see it but it isn’t there.

Over time I’ve been trying to realize that you ”Can’t rush perfection”—and ”Everything happens at the right time”—>guess we can call it maturity…lol

Anyways–if your doing the process knowing the process is perfect…then you have to be willing to embrace the ”I don’t mind waiting attitude”—in order to get the prize.
In this fast food culture—its important to remember that if you quit after 30 days…instead of going –1 year–2 years–5 years…whatever amount of time it takes to make your dreams a reality—>your never going to reach your full potential.

If your constantly moving towards that goal…and your doing things the right way…you have to keep motivated and realize…it’s just a matter of time.