Friday, May 10th, 2013

#DFC4 is gonna be Burj khalifa


Would Superman…be….able to leap over the Burj Khalifa in a single bound?!

I dunno…lol.

Looking at the building today I’d be shocked if he could!

Accidentally missing the DFC4 public weigh ins today—I mistakingly went to the Dubai mall instead of Emirates Mall….Ggrrrr!!!

I was at the “official” weigh ins this morning however—and am pumped to see the fights tomorrow!! Tam Khan and Ari have really put together some exciting fights!!

Anyone in the Middle East who didn’t fly in for this event is REALLY missing a blockbuster card…Fighter’s Only magazine even has a reporter from the Uk here covering the event!!!

Tomorrow will be a huge night of fights…UAE…there is only one show to attend tomorrow and that’s Dubai Fighting Championship 4….don’t miss out!!