Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Congrats @escobarbjj

Last night 3rd degree Bjj black belt and MMA fighter Marcos Escobar, fresh off a Shooto victory in Brazil, held a promotion ceremony at his Kuala Lumpur “Leverage Academy”.

When I left KL, I went into Leverage Academy and asked professor Escobar if he would continue the growth of my students BJJ experience, and gave the gym my attendance cards from Sparta Combat so they could see what their attendance habits were and the training experience for each member.

To my excitement I got a text message with pics of several of the students from Sparta Combat being awarded with their second strips on their White Belts!!!

…Needless to say, I am proud that they have continued their martial arts journey in BJJ and am very thankful that Professor Escobar and his team have welcomed them with open arms!