Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Argh!! #fightcamp begins! #sept30 #kuwait #mma First day of camp always sucks!!

Okay…So I’ve been looking for a fight for what seems like forever.

First the Gregor Gracie bout in One FC fell through…then the fight against Kultar Gill in SFL never materialized.

It’s been almost 18 months since I last fought MMA…and after working on getting my weight back down–I’m excited to compete again.

Enter Ahmed Ahmed Ibrahim Ali of Egypt.  A multiple time National Champioin, Ali has represented his country on an International stage several times including a Bronze medal at the 2010  World Combat Championships in Beijing China for Wushu (Chinese Kickboxing with throws)

While I’m ”In Shape”—fight shape isn’t what I’d call it.  Having the past few fights fall through, I’ve continued to do my intermediate training, and have maintained a strict diet with good gym sessions including weights and cardio—but hitting pads, wrestling, and fighting…isn’t something you can train for by lifting weights and doing pushups…lol…if it was that easy we’d call it crossfit.

I’ve managed to hook up with 3x Lumpinee Champion Wattarachai Kaewsamrit.  Wattarachai is the same guy who gave me that beautiful scar across my nose…lol.  He is a former Tiger Muay Thai Phuket instructor, and currently owns his own gym in BKK Thailand Kru Watcharachai works with several other MMA fighters including One FC star Adam Kayoom.

Knowing my opponent is going to be such an accomplished striker—I am going to continue working with Kru Wat at Sparta Combat Sports for the entire camp.  Wat is easily one of the top Muay Thai instructors I have worked with while I was in Thailand…and I feel confident he will have me ready to compete in 5 weeks.

5 weeks…wasn’t today though…lol.

3 hard rounds on the pads–and I was trying to puke on the side of the mats.  3 more rounds of boxing–with Watcharachai sporting the 12 oz boxing gloves…and I was feeling the ”welcome back to camp” blues.

LOL.  Tomorrow morning 9am–>Keep Calm and Muay Thai on!